A Superior and Distinctive

Storage Solution


Given its performance characteristics and benefits relative to other commercially available storage technologies, A-CAES is particularly well-suited to address the growing need for long-duration energy storage on the grid. Importantly, A-CAES has a unique advantage in its ability to simultaneously provide long storage durations while being flexibly sited where the grid requires it.

Proven, Reliable

Well-proven mechanical equipment from Tier 1 OEM suppliers is matched with seasoned EPC engineering expertise, system warranty and delivery guarantees

Ability to Site
Where Needed

Proprietary purpose-built air caverns allow for flexible project siting

No toxic material, contaminants, or thermal impacts on environment; suitable for urban settings

System Design

System design optimized to match client requirements, with independent settings for charge, discharge and storage capacity

Long-duration of storage enables wide-scale provision of grid capacity


Synchronous motors and generators provide rotational inertia in support of electrical grid stability

Full suite of ancillary services available including voltage support, spinning reserve, black start and frequency response

Low Cost,
Long Life

Lowest installed cost per kWh for large-scale, long-duration energy storage (100+ MW)

50+ year system life, with no replacements required and nearly unlimited cycling

Low operating costs, and increased efficiency over traditional CAES systems


Adiabatic thermal storage system uses no fossil fuels and results in no emissions