Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage

A Unique Grid Storage Solution

See how an A-CAES facility works

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A-CAES in 4 simple steps

Compress Air Using Electricity 1

Off-peak or surplus electricity from the grid or a renewable source is used to run a compressor and produces heated compressed air.

Capture Heat in Thermal Store 2

Heat is extracted from the air stream and stored inside a proprietary thermal store preserving the energy for use later in the cycle. This adiabatic process increases overall efficiency and eliminates the need for fossil fuels during operation.

Store Compressed Air 3

The compressed air is stored in a purpose-built cavern where hydrostatic compensation is used to maintain the system at a constant pressure during operation.

Convert Compressed Air to Electricity On Demand 4

Hydrostatic pressure forces air to the surface where it is recombined with the stored heat and expanded through a turbine to generate electricity on demand.

A-CAES Process Flow

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A-CAES is a unique, patented grid storage solutionA-CAES provides long duration energy storage like pumped hydro but with the key advantages of flexible siting where needed by the grid and with significantly less environmental impacts. This allows A-CAES to effectively target high value grid applications such as transmission deferral and fossil fuel generation replacement. The technology offers the same services as a natural gas plant while having zero emissions using surplus electricity as fuel. A-CAES is much more cost effective than batteries at large scale and has a life of 50+ years making the asset ideally suited for the long duration energy market required for decarbonizing of electrical grids globally.